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About Us
KHALDI EST. Established in 1970 by Mr. Rajai Alkhaldi, KHALDI EST. is one of the pioneering Saudi companies in the field of Audio/Video system integration. Our goal is to present High Tech products and services to our clients with highly qualified technical personnel to achieve the customer's satisfaction.
At KHALDI EST. we provide for our clients the adequate highly qualified and dedicated professional management, supervisory, technical and non-technical workforce who are knowledgeable by virtue of skill, training and experience in the performance of the necessary services called for by our clients. The organization personnel from different ranks combine their efforts to render high quality oriented work personalized to the utmost satisfaction of our valued customers.
Work standard specification
KHALDI EST. has developed a set of company standards to monitor and regulate the level of service quality, productivity, economy and responsiveness of the operating divisions to the established company's plans and programs.
The organization ensures that it maintains the high standers of performance in all types of activities, standards which it renders to its customers.
Growth prospects
KHALDI EST. is a permanent and viable organization, which has an outstanding track record for quality services and contracting expertise. Among the growth plans are to bid and execute those significant projects where we can perform in a manner that is better than our competitors or equal to them at a more reasonable price.
Our high level of reliable services shall remain the same. Khaldi will continue to grow in response to its management to actively participate in the successful implementation of the various projects in our field of specialty.
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